TEDxBradford 2011: This is Where We Live

This is Where We Live
Bradford is a place that has had a cultural, technological and creative impact that belies its size. A city that sometimes stands in the shadows of its larger neighbours and indeed suffers from negative perceptions.

However Bradford is a city of some significance…

With this in mind, we wanted to remind Bradfordians and those from outside the city, that This Is Where We Live (a line from a Joolz Denby poem!) and to provide a platform for the city’s most innovative and interesting voices; for provocative ideas that might shape the city’s future and most importantly a platform for optimism.

Our lineup of speakers includes…

  • Julian TaitWe Are Sensors: Taking Control in the Internet of Things
  • Emily KecicA call to arts: utilising the arts to believe in a city
  • Tom WoolleyCurating the history of the Internet
  • Paul KerfootTurning Design On Its Side
  • Mohammed “Aerosol Arabic” AliArt for Art’s Sake, or For Mankind’s Sake
  • Irna QureshiMy Journey On The Grand Trunk Road
  • Faisal GalariaDisruption, Scale & Underdogs
  • Joolz Denby…On Bradford

We hope you’ll join us on the evening of 11th July for either the daytime simulcast or our evening programme of speakers.

Speakers of TEDxBradford 2011: This is Where We Live