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We first began to discuss the notion of a TEDx event for Bradford in Summer 2010. The university and the museum were immediately on board with support for venues, AV and catering, as well as providing advice on the programme of speakers.

Less than a year later we hosted the first TEDxBradford, combining a simulcast with a programme of live speakers. And to celebrate the launch of the National Media Museum’s Life Online gallery, the second TEDxBradford is scheduled for March 2012.

Our Team and Our Sponsors

TEDxBradford has been a collaboration between individuals and organisations that care about Bradford and wish to provide a platform to share optimistic stories about our city and its future.

Imran Ali
Imran Ali
TEDxBradford Founder
Impact Hub BradfordLSx and Carbon Imagineering

Kamran Rashid

Impact Hub Bradford, Socially Conscious Company
TEDxBradford organiser

Maarja Hallik
Maarja Hallik
University of Bradford graduate
TEDxBradford event organiser

Tomas Ramoska

Tomas Ramoska
Studying masters in development and project planning in Bradford University
TEDx role — budget and catering

Anna Laurika

Anna Laurika
Studying BSc Web Design & Technology at University of Bradford
TEDx role — website development

Mariusz Kos

Mariusz Kos
Collaborative economy, entrepreneurship and corporate identity professional TEDx role included everything from help in drafting the theme, signing up and supporting the speakers and ensuring technical support

  • Fozia Bano · Cultural Events Programmer, National Media Museum
  • Emma Cheshire · Founder, Germinate.
  • Steve Manthorp · Artist, digital arts consultant & project manager, Manthorp ACT
  • Ian Palmer · Dean of Computing, Informatics & New Media, University of Bradford
  • Tom Woolley · Curator of New Media, National Media Museum

TEDxBradford is only possible due to the assistance of our sponsors – LSx, the National Media MuseumBulletpoint Design and the University of Bradford’s School of Computing Informatics & Media.