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Dr. John Baruch | TEDxBradford 11111

Dr. John Baruch

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At TEDxBradford 2019, Dr. John Baruch will be discussing “Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution“.

Dr. John Baruch

John addressed the impending replacement of 50% of our jobs that use the human physical and mental dexterity, with robots. The talk explores how it is important to develop the new economy before the new technology completely wipes out the old one and so provide our young people with jobs.

John will also discussed his Robot Rallying venture, a GEM (giving education meaning) project. The problem of our education system that it is designed for workers in factories to follow routines and not be creative – this is the very opposite of what is required.

The first workshop on Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution took place in June 2018 in Beijing and laid out what was required to start building the new economy. Robot Rallying is a UK GEM project aimed at developing the creativity that is at the heart of the new economy of the 4th Industrial Revolution.