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Emma Harvey | TEDxBradford 11111

Emma Harvey

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Emma’s 20 year career in Digital has encompassed marketing, service design, software development, games design, and more. She has worked with many household names across Europe and is currently Head of Product at NHS Digital, where she oversees a portfolio of products spanning identity management, data processing services, paystubs and technology.

Emma Harvey

At TEDxBradford 2019 Emma reflected on her career in a talk entitled “Whoops, I changed the world”.

We live in a hyper-connected age of instant gratification, attention deficit, disposable relationships, always ‘on’ culture, mainly fuelled by the rise of digital platforms and technology.

Our youngsters face unprecedented pressure to be ‘perfect’, to present their best face to the world, and we are all prone to curating our very identity – or worse, identities.

I have been one of many anonymous, unwitting people designing and perpetuating the platforms that have caused this; aiming to create and reinforce behaviours that suit our stakeholders, understanding enough psychology to make people do our bidding, never mind the societal and personal costs – because we didn’t realise the impact of what we were doing.

How do we ‘fix’ what we have done? Do we need to? Today, I am coming out as a social changemaker and innovator. Perhaps you should, too.

You can follow Emma on Twitter as @em606 and on LinkedIn at