Nasim Qureshi

Nasim Qureshi is Chief Executive Officer at Inspired Neighbourhoods, a social business and a community anchor with Bradford wide reach.

Nasim Qureshi

Inspired Neighbourhoods is delivering physical and mental health, education training and skills, business support and employability and housing programmes building a proven track record and measurable social impact. Nasim has successfully secured partnerships with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Bradford District Care Trust, Department of Works and Pension and Bradford Council.

Nasim is proud of his networks and access to hard to reach vulnerable communities, who see Inspired Neighbourhoods as a trusted organisation.

Nasim holds a degree in Business and Finance and Housing studies. He also holds a Master’s degree in Managing Change and a postgraduate diploma Business Administration. He has recently completed Masters in Town and Country Planning.

At TEDxBradford 2019, Nasim shared his perspectives on…

Community based health interventions – Reach, Impact & Public Purse
In the times of limited budgets, increasing demands on health system and high expectations of service users the most effective way to deliver high impact health services is to bring together statutory and community based providers to form a health pathways that serves local communities.

There is now significant amount of health work being delivered across UK and abroad which explores and evidence that collaboration between community and statutory organisations can deliver high impact while driving quality, economic efficiencies and managing risks.

Find out more about Nasim’s work at Inspired Neighbourhoods or find him in LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/nasimqureshi.