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Nathan Geering | TEDxBradford 11111

Nathan Geering

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As an Artistic Director and creator of The Rationale Method Nathan has been pioneering research into the unlikely link between hip-hop and visual impairment and in 2015 Nathan became a fellow for ADAD’s Trailblazers program. This enabled him to begin to conduct academic research surrounding visibility of dance forms to people with visual impairment.

Nathan Geering

He is currently partnered with a Neuroscientist at The University of York to conduct fMRI scans on people with visual impairment for when they watch ballet, contemporary and breakdance. His company have also enhanced accessibility by reinventing audio description combining beatboxing, poetry and emotive text to provide a richer soundscape for people with visual impairment. 

In 2017 Nathan was appointed the position of Artistic Director for the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony. The games were held in front of an audience of 16,000 people with it being broadcast on SKY, ITV and the

In 2017 Nathan also worked on the Step Change program and headed up a project of investigation for Ramps on The Moon. At the heart of this project Nathan has been exploring ways in which cutting edge technologies can be harnessed to enhance the creative practice and accessibility of artists and audiences with disabilities

In 2018 Nathan has worked with the Royal Opera House teaching bboying to people with visual impairment as a means of injury prevention and to improve spatial awareness. He has also worked with Wayne McGregor to investigate how cutting edge technologies can enhance choreography and accessibility. Overseas he has worked with Pretoria State Theatre and has upskilled some of South Africa’s top dancers with his Rationale Method of choreography and accessibility.

At TEDxBradford 2019, Nathan spoke about The Rationale Method and its revolutionary approach to accessibility. Outlining how hiphop can be used to enhance accessibility for people with visual impairment through teach breakdance to people with visual impairment as a means of injury prevention and to improve spatial awareness right the to reinventing audio description utilising the sounds of beatboxers and poets to give a richer soundscape to people with visual impairment. Nathan will also spoke about his partnership with a neuroscientist to find out why hiphop is stimulating such profound brain activity in people with visual impairment when compared to other forms… and finally what this all means for economic growth of countries that don’t sufficiently cater for people with visual impairment.

Nathan also planned to perform one of his works, Insight just after the lunchtime break, but staging problems meant we had to cancel the performance. You can however see an earlier recording below…

Insight, by Nathan Geering

You can follow Nathan on Twitter as @methodrationale, on LinkedIn at and find out more about The Rational Method at