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Niall Bourke | TEDxBradford 11111

Niall Bourke

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Niall leads an enthusiastic and skilled Civil Infrastructure Team at Arup’s Leeds office. Niall was the Senior Engineer and NEC Site Supervisor responsible for the engineering design and construction of Bradford’s City Park which opened to the public in December 2011. This dynamic events space incorporated the UK’s largest city centre water feature (over 3600 sq.m), was a key regeneration project and signalled the city’s intent to develop a sustainable economy for its population.

The City Park in Bradford was the first tangible project to be delivered from Will Alsop’s Bradford City Masterplan, an ambitious architectural vision which re-imagined the city. Turning this vision into a physical reality faced political, financial and technical challenges and compromises.

Looking back at the scheme 15 years after its inception and 6 six years after its completion Niall considers how important that vision was to the development and construction of the City Park and what can be learned from the process for other cities?

You can follow Niall on Twitter as @njabourke as well as find him on LinkedIn at