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Emma Bearman | TEDxBradford 11111

Emma Bearman

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Playfulness & Subversion for Serious Change

Emma BearmanEmma is the Chief of Play at Cultivate, developing and producing creative projects and helping clients to develop relationships and communities. Emma has variously worked to create a buzz at launches for heritage buildings, community hubs, galleries, museums, and cultural organisations, helping companies utilise collaborative technologies and social media to engage and connect with individuals and develop communities.

Emma is currently operating three public-facing projects…

The Culture Vulture A multi author website in the North. With other 30 regular writers, 2000+ posts & 17000 comments. We’ve led in developing a space for conversation & situating the arts within a broader cultural context. We are known for our integrity, honesty, friendliness & challenge.

Cultural Conversations is a method of bringing people together in a warm friendly space, to gain understanding of each other, share ideas, skills, identify opportunities & build trust. We have conducted 6 in Leeds and 3 in Teesside.

Playful Leeds is a project launched in 2012. It’s a multi layered adventure which looks at how we as citizens develop self permissions to be playful in society. Through a series of events we have investigated how we in Leeds can collectively realise our creative potential to the benefit of the wider public. We connect public, private & third sectors through the events we design. We seek to creatively co-design our city to imbue joy for residents and visitors alike.