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Joolz Denby | TEDxBradford 11111

Joolz Denby

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…On Bradford

Joolz DenbyJoolz Denby  is a writer, poet, spoken-word performer, illustrative and fine artist, tattooist, art curator and photographer. Her poetry collections include The Pride of Lions (1994), Errors of the Spirit (2000), and Pray For Us Sinners, a book of short stories and poems published in 2005.

Joolz also works in the music industry, as a recording artist, illustrative artist for New Model Army, her touring exhibition, One Family, One Tribe – The Art and Artefacts of New Model Army, is a collection of her 30 years of art work for the legendary cult rock band. Joolz is well-known for her work in prisons and with marginalized young people and has performed her work all over the world, played innumerable rock, art and literature festivals and broadcasts on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 4.

Joolz closed out TEDxBradford with observations and anecdotes on life in Bradford and her experiences as a creative entrepreneur…